Jun 26

Hey. It’s The Urban Farmhouse. Sup?

New menu, new music, new products, new neW nEW NEW! Care to hear more?

May 29

“Food” or So They Say

If it looks like corn and smells like corn it must be corn. Just don’t eat it.

May 16

Wash Up. It’s Almost Time For Supper.

We wash our hands a lot at The Urban Farmhouse. It’s something our grandfather taught us. But not everyone has that luxury.

Apr 25

What’s Going On?

It’s been a busy Spring at The Urban Farmhouse. Geez, where do we start?

Mar 28

Supporting Urban Gardening

We like good coffee, good fresh food, and wearing black. Why not combine these things and help some friends?

Feb 28

Psst: We have the scoop. Pass it on.

Our commitment to local isn’t just with the food. It’s also the artwork that you see and the sounds that you hear.