Mar 18

Organic Farming and the Farmhouse

Here at the urban Farmhouse market & café we support an organic and healthy way of life. Organic farming is also a huge part of the urban Farmhouse demographic. Since 1990 the market for organic food has grown rapidly, reaching $63 billion worldwide in 2012. This high demand has driven a similar increase in organically […]

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Feb 17

A Going Green Farmhand Initiative

At the urban Farmhouse market & café we pride ourselves on our initiative of going green! We start each day with locally grown and freshly roasted coffee and fair trade teas. We prepare the menu with the freshest produce, and our meat is naturally raised and delivered daily. Our commitment to remain eco-friendly does not […]

Oct 1

Stepping In Our Footprint

Someone hit us on social and asked about the high ceilings at The Urban Farmhouse. What does that do to your ecological footprint? Here’s what.

Image of Mule & Mules by John McDonald via 3 Mules on Facebook
Sep 12

3 Mules and The Open Road

A man named Mule (naturally) has been roaming the country for thirty years.

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Sep 5

This is a Public Service Announcement

We’ve got a ton to talk about at The Urban Farmhouse. Then we’ll return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Jun 26

Hey. It’s The Urban Farmhouse. Sup?

New menu, new music, new products, new neW nEW NEW! Care to hear more?