Bread Pudd’n

A Good ol’ fashion favorite. With a Spoonful of Urban Farmhouse Flare.


We opened our doors with the belief that a health conscious and wholesome dining experience would provide a valuable alternative for the RVA foodie.  With this is in mind, The Urban Farmhouse continues to focus on creating menu items that are simple, yet simply delicious.  Our menu features classic favorites that have been altered to include the absolute freshest ingredients of the season, sourced locally to help support our local food economy.


This includes our decadent desserts and baked goods.


We work closely with local bakeries to provide sweet treats that taste great and don’t include too much of that guilty after-taste. You will find treats that include local favorites from: Prairie Grain, Flower Garden, Carpe Donut, Biscotti Goddess, Chocolate Cravings, and Anna B’s Gluten Free Bakery. I could talk all day about why each hand-selected morsel is absolutely delicious; instead I will spare you the uncontrollable salivation and get right to the short-and-sweet of it!

We have recently come up with a creative new take on a classic culinary creation by way of the “kitchen sink method”.  In other words, we mixed em’ all up! The result is a tasty embodiment of the phrase, “The sum is greater than it’s individual parts.”


The Urban Farmhouse Bread Pudding

This is bread pudding, Urban Farmhouse style.

The Urban Farmhouse homemade bread pudding is a combination of everything you will find on our bakery shelf.  This includes brownies, chocolate chip cookies, apple cider doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, croissants, our custom made assorted “poppers”, banana bread, and much more.  Each serving is completely unique and will take your taste buds on ride that encompasses all of the wonderful things our local bakers have to offer.

You can find our bread pudding in the refrigerated section. We highly encourage you to ask the friendly Farmhand on-duty to warm it up!


Come try for yourself



May contain nuts and ingredients including gluten.

This is a non-vegan product.