Get ready to run Richmond! The Cap Trail 100 race is coming to us Saturday, October 13th. Sponsored by urban Farmhouse market & café, we are excited to cheer you on as you run from Richmond to Williamsburg and back! Taking place on the Virginia Capital Trail, teams of four or six will relay their way to tackle the 18 legs of the race. Your team will be dropped off one at a time at an exchange zone, and from their the other team members will drive to the next point, switch runners, and cheer on their team. Depending on your team’s strategy, runners can go as long as your team prefers whether it is 10 miles to 24 to cover all 100 miles. Runners must remain on the Capital Trail, unless being transported and all team members must participate in some point of the race.

The Cap Trail 100 is just one of the events that are a part of Revolution 3 Triathlon. Founded in 2008 by Charlie Patten, Rev3’s mission is to create experiences that are customer-centered and provide events that are memorable and inclusive of family and friends.

There is a mandatory athlete meeting at the start/ finish line 30 minutes prior to the event. To register click here.

At our Rocketts landing location, we will be extending our café hours to make sure the early bird not only gets the worm, but also gets a nice cup of coffee to fuel you for the day. Stop by for a refreshing glass of water, encouragement, and party at the finish line!