Christmas is right around the corner!

Christmas is right around the corner! If you are anything like us you are probably also thinking, where did the time go? If you are scrambling around to get last minute gifts (or if you are just starting) check out our cafes for a beautiful painting or print from local artists, a delicious blend of coffee or tea to keep your loved ones warm, or a bottle of organic wine. From trinkets to treats our cafes are stocked with little things to give for the holidays. Hurry in because our stores will have altered hours for the days surrounding Christmas.

Our locations will all be open till 6pm Christmas Eve. Cafes will be closed on Christmas Day. On New Years Eve and day till 8 p.m.

Staying healthy during the winter months can always be tough especially during the holidays. But don’t let the cold and the Christmas cookies intimidate you! Moderation and staying as active as you can, is the key to a fun and healthy holiday season. Some tips we like to remind ourselves to support a healthy mind and body, are to not overindulge just because it is the holidays. If it is a food that is specific to this time of year, never feel like you have to eat it just because it is part of tradition. Loading up on cheese plates, and sugary treats is easy to do but balancing them out with a veggie platter, or a salad will keep you feeling fuller longer. Alcohol is present at almost every holiday gathering, which can be the sneakiest way you pack on a few extra pounds during the holidays. Mixing your drinks with seltzer water can help prevent a rotten hangover, and will help you feel more satisfied throughout the night.

The cold is always a reason for people to fall out of their routine, which is why it’s important to find alternatives that will make you feel good without freezing. Meeting with old friends is a common thing to do during this time of year, and instead of grabbing a drink, suggest going on a nice walk or doing something that will get both your heart rates up. Whether its walking around an indoor mall, picking up workout videos to do at home, or joining a local gym or rec center, being active will help you beat the winter blues.

The most important thing to recognize during the holidays is one extra piece of fruitcake will not kill you, and as long as you are making memories and sharing it with loved ones, your holiday season is sure to keep your heart full.