Farm House Blend Coffee

At urban Farmhouse market & cafe, it is our very highest priority to provide our customers with the very best coffee each day! We want every single coffee bean to be fresh and environmentally friendly. To have our own unique coffee blend with a delicious and compelling flavor, we partnered with another local business that had a similar vision – Ironclad Coffee Roasters. We discovered their passion for providing coffee that uses sustainable farming methods and is lovingly roasted in small batches. For several years, Ironclad Coffee Roasters has provided our unique and craft-roasted Farm House Blend.

Farm House Blend is a three-part blend sourced from different regions of South America. Our blend is made of Brazil Poco Fundo, Burundi Yandaro, and Honduras Marcala La Paz coffee. Each individual roasting process creates a unique flavor for our fresh coffee. Delivered freshly roasted each week, our Farmhands grind the beans before every pot is brewed.

It may be cold outside, but your coffee is guaranteed to be hot and fresh, from the bean to your cup!