A Going Green Farmhand Initiative

At the urban Farmhouse market & café we pride ourselves on our initiative of going green! We start each day with locally grown and freshly roasted coffee and fair trade teas. We prepare the menu with the freshest produce, and our meat is naturally raised and delivered daily. Our commitment to remain eco-friendly does not stop there. We have gained relationships with local growers and vendors maintaining our promise of organic methods and farm-to-table meals. Recycling is also a part of our daily routine. We provide three waste baskets for customers, for trash, compost, and recyclable products. By doing this we insure that we are doing our part to minimize our ecological footprint. We also provide re-usable paper products for our coffee and drinks. By providing our own plates instead of paper we are able to clean and re-use plates instead of wasting paper! These are just a few of the initiatives that we have taken on at the urban Farmhouse to stay green and live a more healthy and productive lifestyle!

Yours Locally,

the urban Farmhouse market & café