What does OBSL mean?

All of our wines encompass four words: organic, bio-dynamic, sustainable, and local. You may be asking yourself what organic wine means? It simply means the vineyard was managed without the use of any insecticides (bug control), herbicides (weed control), or synthetic fertilizers.  The bio-dynamic viticulture uses a number of natural fermented herbal and mineral preparations for compost additives.  Sustainability looks at the environmental system as a whole and strives to produce a wine that will allow the vineyards and environment to produce healthy wines in the future.  By local, we mean that all our wines come from within a 90 mile radius of the Urban farmhouse.

photo 1

We are very excited to share with you our four summer wines (shown above) available until September 2!:

St. Kilda Chardonnay: South Eastern Australia – Light white wine offering fresh stone fruit flavors and aromas with hints of nutty oak.

St. Kilda Shiraz: South Eastern Australia –  Refreshing red with berry and spice aromas, mocha and licorice notes finished by ripe berry and plum flavors.

Ermita Petrer Tinto: Spain – Smooth and delicate red wine with fruity and spicy light body.

Conde Villar Vinho Verde: Portugual – Bright white wine with light tropical aromas and interesting floral notes.