Hey. It’s The Urban Farmhouse. Sup?

Well, summer is clearly upon us. We know this because we sweat when we swim. That, and we have our new summer menu. Never fear, most of your favorites are there, but we spice things up a bit with some fresh fruits and vegetables that are coming into season. That’s how we roll. But we have stuff going on at The Urban Farmhouse. A lot of stuff.

As you can see from the picture above, things have moved along quite nicely at our Millworks store in Midlothian. When we first moved in, it was frankly a bit lonely, and there were still some items to sort out on our punch list. We’ve since gotten the doors fixed (Fresh Air!) and some furniture on our patio (Times Square!). Our Market is getting a ton of great new products for you to take home (The Stores!) and our garden is sprouting like crazy (The Chores!).

Our original location in the Slip is also humming along. There has been a great deal of renovation and construction in the neighborhood, but our little spot with the big windows is still drawing the faithful, so thank you so much for that. In addition to those who are discovering us for the first time (like interesting people like…oh…ROB FREAKING LOWE!) and our faithful regulars, we also are getting some street cred from folks who appreciate our historic architecture. Pretty cool.

We’ve established a pretty regular roster of entertainment for our weekends. We’re managing to mix in some fresh meat every now and then. If you have the ability to crank out a ditty and would like to play, hit up Farmhand Brae (brae@theurbanfarmhouse.net) and she’ll maybe think about it. If you have a website or social page for your artistic endeavor, it helps. Saturday gigs start around 6:30, and Sunday brunch monkeyshines begin at 11:30. So here’s what’s coming up:

Midlo:                                     Slip:
6/29 Jasmine Williams      6/29 Rachel Leyco
6/30 Scott Varney               6/30 Gregg Sullivan
7/6 Jasmine Williams        7/6 Gregg Sullivan
7/7 Gregg Sullivan              7/7 Sean Bendula
7/13 Sajak                             7/13 Scott Varney
7/14 McBeth                        7/14 Josh Lief

We also have a lot of our vendors coming by with tastings and educational sessions and free samples. Who doesn’t like a free taste of a Vermont Real Smoke & Cure Beef Stick, or a sip of Center of the Universe brew, or some Urban Farmhouse Smoothie? Okay, that last one’s ours, but we’ll occasionally let you sample the wares. It’s like a test drive. Some of them are planned out, but often times they’re somewhat impromptu. “Hey! It’s Sarah at Plantation Peanuts. Can I come by?” If you don’t already, follow us on Facebook & the Twitter. It’s how all the kids communicate these days.

And one last thing. We like saying that. Makes us feel like we’re inventing a new iPhone or something. But speaking of technology, this website is getting a bit cobwebby. The gerbils running the interwebs are starting to complain about its staleness. So we’re fixing to freshen things up. It’ll be easier for you to see menus, get directions for your friends, see what’s going on at your local Urban Farmhouse, and find out about some of our products. Like that soap you saw? Order some. Dig the coffee this morning? Let’s send some out. You’ll dig it.

That’s all for now. TTYL (One of the new kids taught us that.)