Late Fall Menu Changes

Fall is officially here; the trees have started to turn colors, pumpkin flavors have once again claimed their spot on the throne, and the air is feeling crisp. Before the ghosts and goblins get you, be sure to stop by Urban Farmhouse Market and Cafe because we have made the switch to our late fall menu.  It shows off all our favorite seasonal flavors, and we are sure you are going to love it!

Limited time items include our turkey & havarti with homemade cranberry salsa Sandwich, our fresh pumpkin hummus, almond butter and local apple butter sandwich, and our flipper friendly yellow-fin tuna. Our drink menu is filled with updates, which to warn those reading, is VERY pumpkin oriented. New drinks include the hot or iced pumpkin latte or pumpkin chai, the pumpkin steamer, our iced apple cider, and our “cran-ban-go” cranberry-banana-mango-cinnamon smoothie. It’s a mouthful!

Our updated seasonal menu will make you feel like carving pumpkins, curling up with a cup of apple cider, and cran-ban-going to your local Urban Farmhouse Market and Cafe.

The Flour Garden Bakery

Our feature vendor this month is The Flour Garden Bakery, which is where we get some of our delicious bread that is all baked fresh daily. The Flour Garden Bakery was founded in 2003 in Richmond, and is set apart from other bakeries by using all original recipes, classic techniques, and quality ingredients. They have become known as a destination bakery, and are highly renowned with Richmond “foodies.” The Flour Garden is featured all over town in a variety of cafes, markets, and wholesale retailers.

The three main doughs they sell consist of four simple ingredients; water, flour, salt, and yeast. The unique flavors they have come from their unique and attention to detail fermentation process and the use of older dough. The loaves are then loaded into a stone deck oven, producing a crisp crust and airy inside. Using this old fashioned technique sets The Flour Garden Bakery apart from other bakeries in Richmond, and are one of the many reasons we chose to serve their bread to our customers. Stop in, try some bread, and become a “foodie” yourself here at Urban Farmhouse.