Local food in a warm environment

When Urban Farmhouse was established our goal was to bring the farm to the city providing residents with local and wholesome food in a warm environment. Our goal was to prove that eating in a restaurant could be a healthy and delicious experience. With our late fall menu still full swing till November 14th and we would like to highlight some of the benefits of eating clean and supporting the community around you. At Urban Farmhouse we strive to bring you the best products. To us “the best” means the cleanest, most sustainable, options that will benefit you and the world around you. We work to deliver you local and organic products to promote healthy living and make you feel confident in the food you are eating.

A few benefits of eating local and organic are that it gives you the power as a consumer to monitor where your food is coming from,
how it is grown and how it is raised. You can reduce the amount of energy used to store your food, and what pesticides and herbicides are in it. This benefits not only your health, but the environment, food and water supplies.

Local and organic foods richer and generally tastier, they also have higher health benefits and more nutrients packed into them. We change our menu seasonally so we can get the freshest food filled with the most energy to fuel our customers throughout the whole season. Local food is important because when you eat local rather than at a large chain, you are putting money back into your local economy thus creating a better living wage for local farmers, bakers, and growers. Possibly our favorite part of getting local ingredients is the relationships we can establish in our region. This interpersonal connection strengthens the community as a whole, but also reminds us that at the end of the day food, relationships, and good conversation are essential. Eating local is more than feeding your body, it feeds your mind and soul.

Some of our local Virginia ingredients to be on the lookout for are our country ham from Surry County, veggie sausage from the town of Louisa, Olli Salumeria meats in Mechanicsville, chutney from the Virginia Chutney Company, Cupertino’s bagels in The West End, and breads from the Flour Garden, AnnaB’s and The Prairie Grain Bakery. We locally harvest our granny smith apples (super in season right now!) and the coffee we serve comes from right in Scott’s Addition over at IronClad. We also serve our own Organic-Biodynamic-Sustainable-Local selected wines that you need to come in and try!

Stop into your local Urban Farmhouse and eat a meal that will taste and feel good.