March Madness – The Season of HAVOC

Anyone that calls Richmond, Virginia home can tell you that HAVOC has had a major impact upon the city we all call home. This impact ranges from the fact that we all have learned to avoid driving on Broad St. whenever the word “game” is mentioned, to seeing new housing, storefronts, classrooms, and developments as VCU continues to grow. Additionally, the sense of community surrounding HAVOC is evident when looking at the fact that the Siegel Center has sold out every Men’s basketball game since January 2011. These were all reasons that we made our choice to open a location on Broad St. right by the Monroe Park campus. VCU has been an undeniable catalyst of growth for Richmond.


It is a well-known fact that successful athletic programs are a boon to universities, and VCU’s Havoc has been quite the boon for the school. With 4 new dorm buildings, a renovated library, a new basketball training facility, and a new Institute for the Contemporary Arts all on the way VCU is capitalizing on it’s success – and we couldn’t be happier. VCU currently has the slogan – Make it Real – which they believe, as do we, that VCU students are heavily encouraged and oft to make their education real by taking advantage of the city we all share. For business’s this means we get support from students who opt to shop local as well as employees from students that want experience to go with their education. As a community, we see and enjoy incredible art and performances from the students of the number one public Arts School in America. One cannot deny the impact that VCU’s success and growth have had on the city of Richmond and we are looking forward to the future of both the University and the City.

Now, that being said – it’s March, VCU has a seat in the tournament, and this RVA.

– It’s HAVOC you fear. –