Allens Scottish Shortbread

If you’ve visited our stores before, you’ve likely seen a few rabbits sitting around a table having a tea party. On our shortbread packaging, that is. Allens Scottish Shortbread has provided their mouth-watering shortbread to our stores for a few years now. The business is owned by couple Laura and Anwar Allen who operate out of Charlottesville. As most of you know, we make an effort to work with locally-owned businesses, and it doesn’t get any more local than nearby Charlottesville! The treat has become quite the customer favorite, but not many know about the story behind the owners and the recipe.

Laura and Anwar were running a video production company when her grandmother gave her the decades-old recipe for her famous shortbread. Hoping to bring the Scottish tradition of having shortbread everyday into people’s daily routine, the couple decided to bring back the family business and to share the delicious biscuits with the world.

From there, they expanded their reach into over 50 stores across the area. While their business grows, they continue to maintain the integrity of the brand. They take pride in the relationships that they cultivate with different stores, and value the love that goes into their product. Anwar is the main baker, but friends and family often come to volunteer and help him and Laura out!

Although the shortbread only consists of four ingredients (flour, butter, sugar, and rice flour), it’s definitely harder to make than it seems. Come on down to one of our stores to try it out for yourself and to support a family-owned business with a mission to “hand out happiness with every box of shortbread!”