Movin’ On Up! To the Southside!

MidlothianKind of an oxymoron, isn’t it?  Can you really go “up” to the “south?”  Perhaps if your crossing a mountain, but still…

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, and we know that sometimes happens here in Richmond, we’ve officially opened our Midlothian location. 13872 Coalfield Commons Place, just off of Midlothian Turnpike in the new Millworks complex, at the corner of Woolridge and Coalfield Roads.   And what have people said so far?  Here’s some feedback from our Facebook page:

 “Love the artwork you added!”

“Pastries, cappuccino and preserves and breads were delicious! Very cozy and so glad we have something like this on this side of town!”

“Cozy, friendly, yummy!”

“You’re off to a great start. I had worried you wouldn’t be able to capture the atmosphere of the downtown location, but I’m happy to say you’ve managed it quite “well, despite being in a newer building.’

“We just got an Urban Market next to Midlo Library!”


Yeah, we’re right next to the Midlothian Library.

Some have cautioned that by moving to “suburbia” we’re diluting our message or somehow being untrue to the philosophy of The Urban Farmhouse.  Not so much.  We’ve always looked at Richmond as kind of like New York:  A city of Boroughs.  Much like New York has Brooklyn and Queens, we have The Fan, Church Hill, and our original home in Shockoe Slip.  And much like there are those in Manhattan who believe that everything North of 125th Street is “Upstate,” there are those who believe that everything South of the James River is a Third World Country.  Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t that far and you don’t need a passport.  Think of it as the Long Island of Richmond. History at Midlothian

And we were pretty particular about our new location.  Sure, we went into a new building, but we chose the location based on geography and community.  We are in Midlothian Village, which has a pretty long and colorful history.  It’s been a working community for almost as long as Richmond, and that’s a long darned time.  And it’s full of small businesses, Mom & Pop restaurants, schools and wonderful people.  At one point, CNBC News called it a “perfect suburb.”  But with the history and the people, it’s so much more than that.

So now, as we await the eventual snow and hunker down with a Hummus and Root Veggie Sandwich, a musical interlude from some friends of The Urban Farmhouse.

John Mayer by Connor Pollard