Partnership with Communities

Living here in Richmond, Virginia it is very easy to focus on how far our city and our community has come; however, there is still work to be done to make Richmond a better city for all of it’s residents. We here at the Urban Farmhouse are proud to say we recently partnered with Communities In Schools of Richmond. Communities In Schools is a nonprofit dedicated to keeping kids in schools by providing wrap-around services to them within the public school system. The tremendous work they do has helped countless students stay in school and graduate. They often work with students that are housing and food insecure, problems that we often do not think of as persisting issues at home here in Richmond.


To kick off our work with Communities In Schools of Richmond, we ran a holiday food drive and donated the food we collected to food-insecure families! This guaranteed that they had extra food for their families around the holiday season. After deciding to further our outreach efforts with Communities In Schools, we were informed that one of the Richmond area middle schools needed after school programming and had a functional kitchen. With this in mind we were invited to come in and teach the kids how to cook and effectively budget for groceries. Last week saw the kick off of this program, and it was a tremendous thrill to work with these kids and show them some basic kitchen skills as well as how to make cost-effective, delicious, at-home meals. We are thrilled to say that we get to continue this program and go work with the children twice a month every month until May! We truly hope this program both educates and inspires the children we are working with.