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You know that we like to shop local.  We also like it when you shop local.  Whether you’re in Downtown Richmond or cruising Midlothian, we appreciate it when you visit with The Urban Farmhouse or with the locally owned businesses in our area.   That doesn’t stop with our food and drink.  The musicians and artists that we feature either come from or have pretty strong ties to the Richmond area.

That being said, we often get questions on our Facebook and Twitter asking who’s playing or what artist did the amazing piece on the wall.  We’ve kind of filled our calendars on a case-by-case basis, but based on your interest and in an effort to get a little more organized (what with two Farmhouses to mind!) we thought that we’d get a little ahead of the curve.

Want to know what’s coming up?Deanna Delgado

Music in the Slip:

Music in Midlo:

Artists in Shockoe:

Artists in Midlo:

Evan McKeelWe’re also having Wine Tastings in Shockoe and Midlo.  All of the tastings will be from 5 to 7.  On March 6 we’ll welcome Andes Importers to Shockoe.  They’ll be in Midlothian on March 27.  March 20 we’ll have DelFosse Vineyards in Shockoe.

And Food!  We’re sampling food!  On March 8 we’ll have Wheeler Wood from Biscotti Goddess from 11:30 til 2 at The Urban Farmhouse Midlothian.  Get your nom nom on on.

We’ll expand this a bit and get you some more details as we get them.  Stay tuned and hungry Urban Farmhouse friends!