Open in Scott’s Addition!

The urban Farmhouse Market&Cafe is excited to be a new neighbor in Historic Scott’s Addition!

Here is a short FAQ about our newest location:

Where is Scott’s Addition?

The neighborhood is bordered on the south by Broad Street, on the east by The Boulevard and on the north by the railroad tracks. The urban Farmhouse Market&Cafe is located at 3015 Norfolk St., Richmond, VA 23230

What makes Scott’s Addition ‘Historic’?

Originally, the neighborhood now known as Scott’s Addition was part of the Mayo family Plantation. Major General Winfield Scott, a hero from the War of 1812, received the property as a dowry when he married Elizabeth Mayo. At the beginning of the 1900’s the area was annexed to the city of Richmond and appropriately named ‘Scott’s Addition’ . During the 20th Century, businesses saw the advantageous location that Scott’s Addition occasioned because of its proximity to streetcars, the railroad and the highways which made it a center for transportation.  Industry eagerly moved from downtown to Scott’s Addition to grow their business which is why many of the old industrial buildings sport the unique characteristics of the Art Deco period and earlier.  The district is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

Why Scott’s Addition?

Scott’s Addition is a truly unique neighborhood with surprising mixture of industrial and midcentury architecture and a ton of friendly people!

What makes this Farmhouse Different?

In addition to the industrial influence on the farmhouse decor, this farmhouse sports (probably) the biggest community table in the tri-cities area handcrafted by a local artisan! Also, the store has huge track windows to let in the warm summer breeze that is sure to come back soon (we hope). Our newest location also has a relaxing fireplace by the seating area and a fire-pit on the outdoor patio. Come check it out today!


Missed out on the grand opening at Scott’s Addition? Check out the photos Here!