Spring has Sprung!

We’ve all been waiting for it and it’s finally here! The weather is warming, flowers are starting to bloom, and we are now serving our early Spring fare. We put a huge emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients and our Early Spring Menu delivers nothing less than the flavors you’ve been craving!

Back again is our Fresh Asparagus & White Bean Salad, and yes, you’ll be strong like Popeye with our Fresh Spinach Sandwich & Farmhouse Feta Creme or our Spinach Hummus Sandwich with Fresh Crunchy Veggies & Balsamic Drizzle or as a Dip with Veggies or Fresh Breads! And did you say A‧ru‧gu‧la? Our Salad combines lots of Fresh Arugula with Dried Apricots, Roasted Almonds and Creamy Gorgonzola with a White Wine Vinaigrette. Or try our Grilled White Cheddar with Fresh Arugula. Our Soups also change along with the season so be sure to ask our Farmhands which delicious options we have for you!

Since it’s now officially Spring, you don’t have to feel guilty for ordering our deliciously smooth Cold Brew! We have a large drink menu that offers you loads of cold beverages – from our signature FarmFrost Chai to Homestead Milkshakes, to more adult offerings with plenty of locally crafted Beers to a slightly chilled Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, you will leave feeling happy and refreshed! And that makes us happy too!